wanna comment something..
This post is not to condemn anyone but i s teacher wanna share u somethings..

everyone feels proud when they receive the e-book,.seems so high-tech,advanced than anyone..

there are some pro n contra..
It is my opinion due to my observation in my school..


  • no need to brings text book,,no more overweight's bag.there are module there
  • the students are more excited,,new high-tech,,
  • disciplines prob reduce because the student have 'interesting' work to do..
  • student can learn basic programs in the computer,up to date
lots things to jot down,,err,,
  • the student save many things in the laptop,there is only 2 MB..how come it can support many things,,the system becomes slower,the module has corrupted..
  • The student ignore the teacher's lesson
  • The students stay up late because playing com games
  • some students who is more advance change many things,include the password itself
  • increase the electricity usage
  • it is just 1month after they receive and they are many complains,,the e-book missing,broken and many probs arrived
when the new things is introduced,,,we s teacher will got headache,,



July 15, 2009 at 2:51 PM

new hot story kat school today..
there r lots things in the ebook,,include,,(blue things dat is dobe by her brother),,Such a idiot things..erm,


July 28, 2009 at 6:15 PM

tajuk ni jadi one of the topic that been highlight kat interview tadi..

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