Being SOMEbdY

Being sopmebody is really something.
Have u eva wonder to be big boss o being a leader in any group.. tak kira la in a big organaisation o it just in a small group discusssion. when we r elected to b on of them,kita act diberi satu tanggungjawab yang besar.,. Kate kawan2 ku dulu,sebelah kaki seorang ketua ada di neraka,,
iyer,,kita kene tanggung semua,,
many probs,,many ranjau,,
citer dulu2 banyak pahit manis to b somebdy,,
biasalah kalu kita duk kat atas ramai yang tak suka ramai yang jjeles..
semua bende tu kita patut hadapi,,
take it s achallenge,.,
But now aku rase being somebdy tu la jadikan aku somebdy,,change my life,,change cara bercakap,,cara bergaul,,how to handle,.,how to tackel,,
manis sgt,,
many things that we have to be consider,,
there r some tips,,
dis post post is specially dedicated to new branch manager kat Kemaman n my team prefect kat SESMA.. (miss ol tym, wif u guys,,see u this fri)

good manager ia a person that
can motivate people, learn from previous mistakes, and gain respect from a team

  1. Motivate people. Why are the employees there? What keeps them with your organization and stops them from going somewhere else? What makes the good days good? What makes them stick with the organization after a bad day or a bad week? Don't assume it's money--most people aren't that one-dimensional. Ask the employees how they're liking their job on a regular basis. Encourage them to be honest with you. Be a good listener. Then take action based upon what they tell you. If health is important to them, give them time to go to the gym and work out. If their family is important, respect the time they may need to send their kids off to school in the morning or pick them up in the afternoon. Remember, our values are what makes us "tick". If you manage by respecting your team's values, they will give you 110% of their effort.
  2. Learn from your own mistakes. When things don't turn out the way you expected, recognize what you could've done differently and verbalize this realization to your employees. This shows them that you make mistakes, too, and it also shows them how they should handle their own mistakes. Whenever you're doing something correctly after having done it incorrectly in the past, let whoever is watching know. E.g. "The reason I know to press this button is because this happened to me when I first started out, and I made the mistake of pressing the blue button, thinking 'This will shut down the system, which should resolve the issue' and I found out--the hard way--that it makes the issue even worse!"

to be continue,,huhu kat makmal kom sek,,


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