special post to me :)

As I stand here in this place where we have come,
To unite us together and be made one,
I know deep in my heart you've been created just for me,
And there's no other in this world that can match me perfectly.

Soon will pronounce us husband and wife,
And it's to you and you alone I pledge my life.
I'm making a commitment until death do we part.
I could be united with none other because you forever have my heart.

As I gaze up into your amazing eyes so bright,
The love that I see there makes our union seem so right,
But IĆ¢€™m not going just on feelings on that you have my word.
I know because of thought and prayer. Our marriage is of the Lord.

You are my love, my life, the song I sing.
God has given you to me for all eternity,
And this ring on your finger reminds me constantly,
You are my joy, the one, my love
You are my everything.


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